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Online Schedules

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Course Faculty Date Duration Timings
Core Java Oops FreeKannababu02-12-2020(30 Hours)04:00 PMRegister Here
Digital Marketing Free Workshop Praveen05-12-2020(2 Hrs)9:00 AMRegister Here
PYTHON FreeVenkat Redy02-12-2020(30 Hours)07:00 AMRegister Here
Devops With AWS Free Satish14-12-2020(20 Hours)07:00 AMRegister Here
Core Java FreeKannababu03-12-2020(30 Hours )11:00 AMRegister Here
Unix Linux FreeRaju01-12-2020(30 Hours)07:00 PMRegister Here
Logical Program's Free Kannababu02-12-2020(25 Days)05:00 PMRegister Here
Data Science Chakri02-12-2020(40 Hours)08:00 AMRegister Here
Devops With AWS FreeSatish03-12-2020(40 Hours)07:00 PMRegister Here
ASP.NET MVC RTPKannababu02-12-2020(40 Hours)08:30 AMRegister Here
ASP.NET Kannababu03-12-2020(30 Hours)10:00 AMRegister Here
C#.NET Kannababu02-12-2020(40 Hours)10:30 AMRegister Here
Amazon AWS Raju01-12-2020(30 Hours)08:00 PMRegister Here