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What is React JS:

React may be a declarative, efficient, and versatile JavaScript library for building Web Applications. It follows a component-based approach. Easy to make smaller components and build large-scale applications.the foremost goal is to make large-scale high-performance applications with smaller and reusable stateful components.React makes it painless to form interactive UIs.

Why React Js course:

  • Today, ReactJS has become highly popular due to its extra simplicity and adaptability . many of us are even pertaining to it because the way forward for web development. it’s estimated that quite 1,300 developers and over 94,000 sites utilize ReactJS.
  • Part of this huge popularity comes from the very fact that top corporations like Facebook, PayPal, Uber, Instagram, and Airbnb use it to unravel interface related issues. This credibility has drawn tons of individuals to the framework.

Objectives of react js course:

  • Use styled-components to make presentational components (CSS in JS)
  • Create interfaces that present complex information to users in ways they will manage
  • Create A build, and deploy a React js application using the React js CLI
  • Develop A dynamic  And Model-driven forms that are easier to unit test

Course Requirements or Prerequisites

  • Basic knowledge of HTML,and CSS, and also JavaScript.
  • Basic understanding of ES6 features. Here’s my article explaining a number of the ES6 features.

To get started you ought to a minimum of know the subsequent features:

  1. Let
  2. Const
  3. Arrow functions
  4. Imports and Exports
  5. Classes
  • Basic understanding of the way to use npm
  • Introduction to Client Side Programming
  • Introduction to React JS and Features
  • Programming concepts of ES5/ ES6
  • Important Array Functions, collections
  • Arrow functions
  • OOP concepts — classes and objects
  • Working with constructors
  • Extending one class into another
  • Environment Setup and application development
  • js, NPM and VS Code IDE
  • Developing Components in ReactJS
  • JSX and Virtual DOM
  • JSX execution process using Babel
  • Event Handling in ReactJS
  • Add styles to react components
  • Props in ReactJS components
  • States in ReactJS components
  • Parent and Child components
  • Validations with React Forms
  • Components communication with Servers
  • AJAX – Live API communication
  • CRUD operations – local databases
  • Developing SPA in ReactJS with Routing
  • ReactJS Component lifecycle
  • Working with Redux in ReactJS
  • Latest Interview questions (Extra Session)


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