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For Institute Owners :

Collaboration leads to innovation and improvements. Sathya Technologies invites training institutes across the world to partner with. Such collaboration will help students get access to a wide variety of training programs at affordable rates.

For Corporates :

Sathya Technologies offer access to highly skilled manpower on demand due to its continuous training programs on the latest technologies. It can also offer in-house and on-campus trainings to help corporate houses train teams and make them technology ready for working on latest projects, thus reducing ramping and utilization issues.

For Trainers :

Partnering with us as a full-time or part-time trainer give excellent opportunity to conduct training programs on the latest technologies. Training also helps one keep updated and improve knowledge base. All this come along with the extra income which can be earned at one’s own flexible timelines.

For Universities :

With over 2 decades of experience in the training industry, we have a vast collection of technology training materials and video programs. Universities around the country can partner with us helping students getting access to our vase knowledge base.

For NRI Students :

With our virtual classroom training programs, NRI students can benefit from a wide range of online trainings offered by Sathya Technologies even when they are located far- off in foreign countries. Our online technology training programs offers flexible timings and access to the best subject matter experts for the programs benefitting the NRI students extensively.