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Our online training programs are designed to help students attend live sessions in the virtual classroom. These help students to attend training program from any location in the world at their convenience. With constant support and live access to online servers for practice sessions, virtual classrooms are the training methodology of the future connecting the trainer and the students on the web.

Advantage of Online Training

  • Freedom of location:  Our live training programs can be attended from anywhere in the world at your convenience.
  • Less crowded classrooms: The virtual classrooms are designed to have better student – trainer ratio, ensuring a more personal attention to individual students’ queries and requirements.
  • Flexible Program Schedules: Online classroom schedules are extremely flexible allowing students/professional to attend the sessions at their convenience.
  • Video Libraries: Video libraries catalog and store the session recordings, providing students access to already completed classes, allowing them to revisit and master subject better.
  • Lower Cost: The overall cost incurred on online training will be farer lesser when sum up the cost of travel, time and other logistics involved in attending regular classroom trainings.

At Sathya Technologies:

Online training is a means to reach out to a wider group of students located across the world and offer world-class training on some of the latest and most demanding IT programs.  Our aim is to extend our presence on the web helping students gain access to the best and most experienced trainers’ associated with us.